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SEO ≠ Searchers’ Engagement Optimization

I’ve always been intrigued by the science of search engine optimization (SEO if we’re talkin’ the talk), and fascinated by the idea of building a message around keywords and phrases that bring web searchers and surfers right to your post, page, or site. But I’ve learned that content without connection is just noise. And while […]

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OMG, where did all the words go?

As a Wordsmith, I’ve always had a bit of an issue with text-messaging.  In fact, I consider texting a crime against language, and a major contributor to the rapid decline in young people’s ability to communicate effectively. As a parent, though, I’ll admit I have found some value in texting.  I can send my kids […]

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Does anyone sell to everyone?

What I remember most about my first visit to the Wisconsin State Fair was the guy in the vendor building selling “super-shammies.”  A miracle of spill management technology, these super absorbent sheets were able to soak up copious amounts of anything you might drip, dribble, or spill.  More incredible than the sheets, though, was the […]

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