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Don’t Itemize…Illustrate!

People often ask, “So, what do you do?” But they never ask, “So, what do you sell?” And with the zillions of ads and promotions being driven into our laptops, tablets, and phones every moment of every day, we’ve become very skilled at recognizing and ignoring sales pitches…online, in print, and in person. So when […]

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What business people can learn from “Glee”

I like “Glee.” That’s right, the television show about the high school misfits singing their way through the seemingly earth-shattering trials of adolescence. It’s not the singing itself, that draws me, though. And it’s not the cool costumes and choreography, or even the painfully brutal (yet gut-splittingly humorous) sarcasm by which the cheerleader-coach-turned-principal raises mockery […]

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Networking…cruisin’ or crashin’?

More and more, I hear small business owners say, “I’ve tried lots of networking groups, but none of them work for me.”  To me, that’s like saying, “I’ve tried lots of cars, but I never get where I want to go.”  I wonder if maybe, it’s not the car. Do you know where you want […]

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