Don’t dumb it down, clear it up!

So often, our efforts to outshine the competition lead to overselling ourselves. We try to position ourselves as experts in our field, and confirm that position by using complex language and industry-specific terms. We try to impress rather than inform, and we end up saying something that’s confusing instead of compelling.

Clients often tell me they don’t want to “dumb down” their message. “If people don’t understand our product, they’re not our target customer anyway!”  Well, I don’t know how a refrigerator works. But I have one. And I didn’t buy it from a scientist who gave me a lesson in thermodynamics or gas compression & expansion. I bought it from a person who introduced me to a reliable machine designed to keep stuff cold.

Simplicity is not a sign of stupidity. It’s a path to clarity that helps you develop a message that goes beyond a list of what you sell, to an illustration of what you offer. And only when you have something interesting to offer, will listeners be interested in knowing more.

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